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Daniel B Varga
Daniel Varga is a Software Engineer at IBM currently working on the WebSphere DataPower SOA Appliance.

Northern Illinois University

Dekalb, IL

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
05/08 05/08

International Business Machines Website


Staff Software Engineer - WebSphere DataPower
Sept/2011-Present Sept/2011-Present
  • C++/Java/JNI Developer specializing in network, configuration(lifecycle management), and web services management
  • Developed and executed strategy on common physical and virtual appliance platform
  • Integrated and developed a common platform into $150M appliance business
  • Enabled Ethernet Link Aggregation for the platform
  • Lead a group tasked with developing new business opportunities for IBM
  • Member of the Remote Direct Memory Access (RDMA) workgroup

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Software Engineer - z/OS Communications Server
June/2008-Sept/2011 June/2008-Sept/2011
  • Provided enterprise class support for large companies, governments, and ISVs
  • Low-level (in depth) knowledge of TCP/IP and related protocols
  • Subject matter expert in FTP, SSL/TLS, IPsec, and Stack internals
  • Ability to diagnose problems by analyzing packet traces, MVS system dumps, and traces
  • Low-level knowledge of z/OS and its components
  • Developed enhancements for various z/OS Communications Server components to improve Reliability, Availablity, and Serviceability for multiple z/OS releases (PL/X, C, C++)

Northern Illinois University - ResTech Website

DeKalb, IL

Helpdesk Manager
Jan/2005-May/2009 Jan/2005-May/2009
  • Manage and lead a tech support team responsible for providing direct computer and connectivity (Ethernet, Wireless) support to any students living in Residence Halls, including troubleshooting of both hardware and software, as well as virus and spyware removal (10,000+ users)
  • Provided support for all Housing and Dining staff members on a wide array of applications
  • Responsible for scheduling and overseeing daily operations
  • Responsible for holding and scheduling staff meetings